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Women`s Strapless backless push up bra features


silicone nubraWhat are the glue in the strapless Backless Push Up Bra? Silicone glue and biogel lead the market for bra glue!

What are the glue in the bra? There are now AB glue, strong glue, medical silicone gel and biogel.With silicone glue and bio-gel unique skin and permeability advantages leading the bra glue market!

1.Medical silica gel – Invisible Bra commonly used glue, is generally not have bubbles, humidity is moderate. Good medical silica gel is completely can be done after sweating will not loosen.

2.AB glue is easy to operate. In the case of without the oven directly coated with, use in 30 to 50 times. If the manufacturer after repeatedly with baking treatment, use about 100 times. The difference between it and medical silica gel besmear is prone to bubbles, humidity is bigger.

3.Super glue is stronger than biological glue viscosity. If there is no special design easy to hurt the skin. To distinguish the difference between it and biological glue a smell to know, the glue has a not so good.

4.Biogel – the biggest advantage is that it has certain absorption function, good adhesion, but does not strain the skin. Good biogel life is around 3000 times. Freda China`s strapless backless push up bra lining uses medical bio-gel.

invisble bra

Strapless backless push up bra often used fabric:

1.Lycra: Lycra fabric is made up of polyurethane fiber (Spandex short for polyurethane fiber) made of fabric. It is to use dry spinning Spandex production of polyester type. The fiber is made of flexible chain segment and rigid chain segments. It is this molecular structure, gives the leica excellent extensibility and elastic recovery properties. Lycra can stretch to the original length of 4 to 7 times, recovery rate of 100%. After the reply to the human body surface, the force binding of human body is very small.

2.Nylon: Commonly known as Nylon polyamide (Nylon). Polyamide is mainly used in synthetic fibre. Its most prominent advantage is wear resistance is higher than all the other fiber. 10 times higher than the cotton resistance to wear and 20 times higher than wool. Somewhat to join in the blended fabric polyamide fiber, can greatly improve the wear resistance. When stretched to 3-6%, the elastic recovery rate can reach 100%. Can withstand tens of thousands of folds without breaking.

3.Lace: Lace fabric is divided into elastic lace fabric and no lace fabric, also known as lace fabric. The composition of the elastic lace fabric is 90% spandex 10% nylon. Non-slip lace fabric composition is 100% nylon. Lace fabric because of light texture and permeability, with elegant and mysterious artistic effect. It is widely used in women`s personal clothing.

Material And Patern

Three advantages of strapless backless push up bra:

1. Fabrics have exquisite, adopt high-grade silky fabrics, feel pure shun, easy to wrinkly, easy to take care of, breathable comfortable, feel stereo, the appearance is crisp, the color is soft nature. Charm and health are comfortable experiences.

2.Design humanization. The processing technology is completely upgraded, the deep v-shaped human technology cup design is gathered, and the chest is more closed. Pull rope type and POM high elastic lock design, easy to relax and easy to use. The imitation wing design can tightly wrap the meat in the armpits and fold it to the chest, which is larger. No steel ring, no shoulder strap design, zero compression, zero bound, more comfortable wearing. The design of materials from materials to intimate details enhance the wearing experience.

3.Use safer. The inner lining USES medical pressure-sensitive hot melt bio-gel, which has been certified by the third-party authorities through quality inspection. And is absolutely nontoxic, harmless and unstimulating to the chest skin. Biological glue is strong, closely fit the chest skin not easy to shed.

Strapless backless push up bra use the occasion:invisible strapless bra

1. The dress dinner must be a sexy hipster partner. Invisible bra is the best equipment, sexy party together with enlarged chest type, prevent bumps, prevent light (go). You can be bold to wear the outfit that show a shoulder, back to show off your shoulders back, dare to bare. I have my way, the beauty of smooth back, do not need to worry about trench.

2.Wedding wedding dress partner, with beauty to witness happiness.Wedding wedding dress, wedding photos. Of course also cannot leave the Invisible Bras care, it can be beautiful backless, off-the-shoulder gown, make you more enchanting and moving. It not only can help you to increase the chest type, still can prevent bumps, prevent exposed, avoid embarrassment, more sexy and confident, with beautiful happiness.

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